Nicola Peaty

5 reasons for using social media to help your business.

By Nicola Peaty

1. Personality

Every brand needs a personality. This makes it more human and feels more accessible. Social media gives brands the perfect opportunity to show different dimensions via a range of images and content. Sharing opinions, photos and videos, about products, personnel or even company activities allows you to broaden the image of your company to the extent you feel comfortable and applicable for your customers.

2. Expert

Become the voice of authority by writing great content about your market or product area. This is your chance to give your insight, tips or opinions about specific information related to your product or service. Have a plan about the type of content you want to write about and make sure it is relevant and pertinent to what your customers want to read about. If done well, useful links, product updates and market developments will keep your customers following you whether on Twitter, blogs or LinkedIn group discussions.

3. Relations

Reach out to where your customers are. Share content, ideas and discussions. Engage. Ask their thoughts. Listen to their feedback and learn from your audience. You may find ways to improve areas of your product or business. Interact. Build communities that could essentially create loyalty, trust and advocates who in turn can increase your profile by sharing your content and recommending your company. Social media allows 1 to 1 conversations like no other form of marketing.

4. Traffic

By writing quality and updated content on blogs and articles, your product or company stands a good chance of being listed for relevant and related searches. Google will prioritise newer content so it’s important to keep it fresh and up-to-date. Traffic is also generated so much from the range of social media available. Think links on Twitter, images on PInterest or Instagram, engaging videos whether factual or promotional on YouTube and added value promotions on Facebook. Monitoring tools can identify sources of traffic to your site from different social media, so that you can optimise which works best for you. But also, it will help you keep track of your brand exposure and who is saying what about you (good or bad).

5. ROI

Social media has a much lower cost as a form of marketing, especially for smaller businesses and therefore has a much higher return on investment. The main cost is the time for the resource responsible for writing, updating and monitoring the various social media used by your company. But the potential value and payoff can far out way the cost if planned strategically, executed well and tracked accordingly.