Vaughan Gordon

An interesting article from Marketing Sherpa

By Vaughan Gordon

According to Marketing Sherpa, the top three rated tactics are:

  • Delivering content relevant to segment (B2B: 67% / B2C: 61%)
  • House lists (B2B: 49% / B2C: 60%)
  • Event-triggered auto-responder emails (B2B: 27% / B2C: 31%)

What fails to hit the mark? Running advertisements in email newsletters and mailing to rented lists.

What strikes me about these results is that the more effective tactics relate to relevance, segmentation and relationship.

Relevance and segmentation: relevant content and information is broadcast to targeted customers, dependent upon where they are within their buying cycle (and as part of the lead nurturing process). It is likely that customers would have requested to receive specific, rather than general, information.

My publishing experience certainly backs the effectiveness of using house data over rented lists, due in the main to the relationship which has already been established with the customer. It’s always easier to keep existing customers than to seek and convert new ones.

See the article in more detail here: www.marketingsherpa.com/article.php?ident=31635