Nicola Peaty

How to write content for your audience.

By Nicola Peaty

In the last few years, there has been so much content pushed out to customers, which as a contentmarketingresult, has created too much ‘noise’. You need to be able to cut through the noise and grab the attention of your customers with content that is of real value.

In order to do this successfully, you need to find out exactly what your audience wants to know. The only way to get this right, is to really know your customers. You can achieve this by building a customer profile/persona. A profile/persona will give you an understanding of their attributes, lifestyle, demographics, likes, dislikes, as well as the insight into any previous behaviour or interaction with your company/products. This will really help you truly understand their needs and how you can help them with useful content.

If you need any more help to find out their content needs, then just ask. A simple survey via email or telephone or even face to face can find out their issues, so you that can deliver the required information solutions or tips.

This will also ensure you don’t deliver any wasted content which is not applicable for your target market. For example, if you’re in the health food industry, there’s no point writing about muscle weight gain products, if your audience is mostly women looking to lose weight.

Also, by using the profile and really understanding your customers, will give you the insight into how you deliver your content. The correct use of language and tone is really important. You don’t want to patronise your customers with basic facts they may already know, at the same time, you shouldn’t baffle them with science. For example, a solicitors firm should not use too much legislative terminology for the average person who may not understand.

You must also use compelling language which engages your audience and make them want to find out more and in turn contact you. Just giving away free content isn’t going to increase leads, it needs to be persuasive. After all the amazing advice you have imparted, you must also convince your customer that a. they need your particular product(s) or service and b. that you are the preferred choice above competitors. If in doubt, this is where a good copy writer is worth their money. Someone who can understand your business, plus use the right words to convince your customers.

Like all good marketing, it is highly important to monitor and track your content. How is it being consumed, shared, viewed etc? Which topics and type of content are the most popular? Are top tips in a particular area viewed more than a deep insight into technical detailed content? Which subject matter helps to build your community, which you can then develop and interact with so as to make closer connections and continue to deliver more relevant and useful content?

And after all that targeting, delivering and sharing of content to customers, are you ultimately generating new leads and converting to new business? If done correctly, then hopefully as a result, you will have more sign ups, customer feedback/comments or enquiries which can be passed on to sales as potential customers.

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