Nicola Peaty

Infographics explained…with a little help from some infographics!

By Nicola Peaty

What is an infographic?
With so much data and detail to communicate and explain these days, an infographic is brilliant way to use an image or design which visually digests a particular topic or piece of information.


The facts….
According to facts by the Visual Teaching Alliance, our brains process visual information 60,000 faster than text and 90% of information that comes to the brain is visual.


Why use an infographic?
If done well, an engaging infographic can capture the attention of an audience with a view to inform and be shared by many. Marketers are using clever designers to use this simple and effective way to communicate content marketing online. Infographics can be used to:
* Explain complicated subject matters.
* Raise awareness and profile.
* Target key audiences.
* Drive traffic.
* Push viral campaigns.
* Build SEO.
* Show you as an expert in a particular topic.


How to use an infographic.
Once you have chosen your subject matter, designed the visually impactful infographic, ensure you include your logo/website so that when it gets passed on, you take full credit and build your profile. Then it’s time to post it in all social media channels especially your blogs and visual media such as Pinterest. Encourage viewers to recommend, post it on their own sites/blogs and share as much as possible.


Some varied examples to inspire: