Epsom Primary School

Brand Development


With the introduction of a new Head Teacher and Deputy Head Teacher , VG&A were asked to give Epsom Primary School a complete new refresh and branding. This included a new logo and theme which promotes the positive development of the school and changes some existing negative perceptions among the local community.


Run a brand workshop among selected teachers, governors and parents, to ascertain the current thoughts and aspirations of the school.

Create a new logo and colour palette and develop a new branding theme based on the ‘Learning Tree’. Design a bespoke prospectus, website, stationery, signage and uniform based on the new branding..


Through a continued open consultation between the school and its community, Epsom Primary School has achieved a whole new look which gives the children, staff and parents a refreshed confidence and pride. As part of an ongoing commitment in improving all areas of the school, this has played a significant part in visually demonstrating a new era of hope and improvement for the school.

Emma Smith, the Head Teacher,

“I am delighted with the final results. All in all, the rebranding has been a great success.”

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Epsom Primary School
Epsom Primary School