International Spirits Challenge

Research & Brand Development


The International Spirits Challenge (ISC), owned by Agile Media, is closely aligned to their market-leading publication, Drinks International. ISC is one of the most prestigious global competitions within the spirits market, receiving thousands of entries from over seventy countries worldwide. The management team felt that to further elevate its position in the global spirits competitions, they needed to identify elements within the Challenge which could be improved and developed.


VG&A was commissioned to conduct market research amongst previous competition entrants, revealing some valuable customer insights including the opportunity for ISC to rebrand and reposition itself. VG&A worked closely with ISC to explore their current brand against their aspirational brand identity. This really helped the team create a new look, logo, set of values and strapline which they have developed into a brand new campaign.


The final element of the project was the creation of a marketing plan to encourage entrants and raise awareness of the Challenge.


The output from the ISC brand workshop helped to define both its positioning and creative development. This led to a new set of values, a new strapline, revised creative tone and new logo, all of which were developed into their new promotional campaign. Furthermore, the VG&A marketing plan was implemented to raise awareness of the Challenge and encourage entrants.

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International Spirits Challenge
International Spirits Challenge