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Nicola Peaty

How to use Google+ to help market your business.

By Nicola Peaty

google+Google+ is another fast growing social media platform which marketers are using to help target and generate leads for their business. With impressive statistics on the increase, it’s no surprise why Google+ is becoming another important part of the marketing mix:

* Over 300 million active users
* 50% of users visit daily
* 42% use Google+ to interact with brands’ content
* 70% of top 100 brands are using Google+

SEO: As this platform is actually owned by Google, there are obvious benefits when using Google+ to enhance your Google listing. By posting content with relevant keywords, Google indexes the data which helps optimise your content and in turn increases your ranking. This is something which limited on both Twitter and Facebook. Therefore, use Google+ as another stream of optimised content as part of your overall SEO strategy.

Circles: Another key feature which Google+ boasts are the ‘circles’ which enable you to circles-bigsegment and organise your ‘content consumers’ by similar demographics. This plays so well for marketing opportunities and allows a business to target in different ways such as by prospects and evangelists or by geographics and interests. Circles should be built on the knowledge of what the users’ interests are, what content they are sharing and the relationship with your brand and business. Google will respond well to great interaction between your streamed content and the actions of your users with that content.

Content: You can share content by posting on your profile, emailing to your circles or via your Google+ communities. It is down to each individual business to ensure that quality, relevant information is streamed to targeted communities. This means not only creating your own content but also recommending other ‘quality’ content. This is also a good time to remember the 20%/80% rule of promotional/useful information, otherwise you’re likely to lose your users. With so many multimedia options available, there’s no excuse to compete creatively with your content and delivery by using YouTube, Hangouts, infographics, striking images, events, webinars, the list is endless. Your ‘+1ing’ should start to increase as users receive, like and share your content.

Interaction: The aim is to grab users’ attention, get them to open up to allow your content to stream to them and then start building engagement through two way communication. Join specific conversations by joining communities and using the Explore tab, which enable you to comment on key topics which relate to your business. Maintain regular interaction to help keep the engagement and build closer contacts. If and when creating your own content, don’t forget to use links which drive traffic back to your site, not just on the platform. Google+ has a great post click engagement and refers a high quality traffic with over 2 pages per visit.

Brand: As with all communication in the marketing mix, your brand personality should maintain the same values, tone and image throughout. Make sure your profile, sharing of information and content creation/delivery all have the same brand continuity so that users build a clear understanding of your business and position in the market. Have al ook around at different brand pages to get inspiration. Below are a couple of good examples:







toyota google-plus-page

Nicola Peaty

The fundamentals for a great brand.

By Nicola Peaty

You don’t have to aspire to be the next Coca Cola or Apple to have a solid and good brand. brand logosKnowing what’s important when building your brand is fundamental if you are to succeed as a company, no matter how big or small. If all stakeholders are clear on the brand attributes of their company, then there is a much greater chance that the focus and drive of an organisation, will move forward together to achieve its goals.

The aim of any good brand is to make their customers choose them over the other products/services on the market, as a result of deciding that they prefer that brand for a number of key brand attributes. The ultimate goal is to make these customers become loyal ‘fans’ and ‘ambassadors’ and to make the competition recognise their superior brand positioning.

Below are our key fundamentals which you may wish to consider when reviewing or establishing your brand:

1. Raison D’être: A company must be able to define the key purpose as to why it exists and the compelling benefit it is offering to fulfil a determined need within its market. This brand essence is what captures the attention of customers who seek to satisfy their requirement.

2. Differentiation: Be different with good reason. Stand out from the competition as a consequence of understanding what your customers want. The values you represent and the quality you deliver are critical factors in determining the positioning of your brand.

3. Personality: The identity of your brand is in the eye of the beholder. Therefore, it is down to you to communicate and act in the way you wish to be perceived. Defining your brand characteristics is so important for you, your customers and your competition. Are you trustworthy, passionate or empathetic? Should you be more authoritative or supportive? What do your customers want you to be and will this help achieve your goals?

4. Equity: What is your company’s approach and how do you deliver your brand essence? Are you seen as professional, transparent and unique? Or have you built a reputation for not being flexible, accessible or willing to listen. These attributes will make or break a company and yet are controllable if all stakeholders agree and support the brand equity of its business.

5. Relevant: So many good brands have fallen by the wayside as they failed to stay in touch with their audience. Sometimes it’s due to arrogance; a company can rest on its laurels when at the top, meanwhile, times move on and brands can get left behind. Therefore, regular two-way communications with your target market will allow you to evolve with them and stay one step ahead of the competition.

6. Live the brand!: A uniform understanding and approach of your brand attributes brandthroughout your organisation will ensure consistency from your marketing messages right through to the conduct of your customer services team. There is no point advertising your professionalism and attention to detail, if the delivery on quality and service is poor.