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Nicola Peaty

The fundamentals for a great brand.

By Nicola Peaty

You don’t have to aspire to be the next Coca Cola or Apple to have a solid and good brand. brand logosKnowing what’s important when building your brand is fundamental if you are to succeed as a company, no matter how big or small. If all stakeholders are clear on the brand attributes of their company, then there is a much greater chance that the focus and drive of an organisation, will move forward together to achieve its goals.

The aim of any good brand is to make their customers choose them over the other products/services on the market, as a result of deciding that they prefer that brand for a number of key brand attributes. The ultimate goal is to make these customers become loyal ‘fans’ and ‘ambassadors’ and to make the competition recognise their superior brand positioning.

Below are our key fundamentals which you may wish to consider when reviewing or establishing your brand:

1. Raison D’être: A company must be able to define the key purpose as to why it exists and the compelling benefit it is offering to fulfil a determined need within its market. This brand essence is what captures the attention of customers who seek to satisfy their requirement.

2. Differentiation: Be different with good reason. Stand out from the competition as a consequence of understanding what your customers want. The values you represent and the quality you deliver are critical factors in determining the positioning of your brand.

3. Personality: The identity of your brand is in the eye of the beholder. Therefore, it is down to you to communicate and act in the way you wish to be perceived. Defining your brand characteristics is so important for you, your customers and your competition. Are you trustworthy, passionate or empathetic? Should you be more authoritative or supportive? What do your customers want you to be and will this help achieve your goals?

4. Equity: What is your company’s approach and how do you deliver your brand essence? Are you seen as professional, transparent and unique? Or have you built a reputation for not being flexible, accessible or willing to listen. These attributes will make or break a company and yet are controllable if all stakeholders agree and support the brand equity of its business.

5. Relevant: So many good brands have fallen by the wayside as they failed to stay in touch with their audience. Sometimes it’s due to arrogance; a company can rest on its laurels when at the top, meanwhile, times move on and brands can get left behind. Therefore, regular two-way communications with your target market will allow you to evolve with them and stay one step ahead of the competition.

6. Live the brand!: A uniform understanding and approach of your brand attributes brandthroughout your organisation will ensure consistency from your marketing messages right through to the conduct of your customer services team. There is no point advertising your professionalism and attention to detail, if the delivery on quality and service is poor.

Vaughan Gordon

“Made by Cows” – Brand Heritage

By Vaughan Gordon

Look out for the latest Anchor campaign. An article in the Metro recently explained how an ad agency had to meet their brief to ‘position the brand as the original butter brand’. And they’ve come up with some great billboard posters in the old style of sign painting which portray Anchor’s brand heritage. ‘Made by Cows’ depicts a series of posters and adverts with cows literally making butter including churning and even delivering the milk.

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Vaughan Gordon

Marketing lessons from Dragons’ Den

By Vaughan Gordon

My marketing media spot this week was in the first of the latest series of Dragons’ Den. As a mum myself, I was bound to sympathise with Kirsty Henshaw, who filled up with tears at the thought of her four year old son during the panel questions after her impressive pitch. Don’t worry I’m not about to get all touchy-feely on this one. But even Theo Paphitis could see her sheer drive and passion a) for making a better life for her and her son and b) in her utmost belief in her self-made product.

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