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Nicola Peaty

Top 10 Tips for YouTube

By Nicola Peaty

For anyone questioning whether or not their business should be using YouTube, I thought I’d let this great infographic do the talking!





Video is huge and has so many benefits than posting a thousand words. Please see my blog on the reasons to use video to help market your business. http://www.vgandassociates.com/using-video-for-marketing/

This blog is about how to specifically use YouTube with our top ten tips covering some main points to consider when uploading your range of creative and quality videos for your business.

1. YouTube allows you to control the title and description of your video which means you can use specific keywords for SEO purposes. Choose words which people will be searching on and related to your video such as topics, products or even company name. As the second largest search engine, YouTube should be treated in the same way as if optimising content for Google, except this is video content.
2. YouTube still has the same social networking aspects as other social media platforms. Use this to its full use to interact and engage with customers and build online communities.
3. You can either share your videos publicly or for a targeted audience on YouTube, so this is an opportunity to segment and select specific customers for specific videos to ensure total relevant content marketing.
4. YouTube allows you to embed your videos with your website or any social media including blogs. This means you can fully integrate your multimedia marketing as long as your message and brand remains constant and you fully track all platforms to measure impact.
5. You can turn the commenting system on or off with each video. If you are able to monitor all feedback posts and how viewers rate and share your videos, then this is a great way to interact with potential customers. It opens the communication channel for both parties to exchange thoughts, opinions and advice. If however, you do not have the capacity to invest time and effort into this, make sure you turn the commenting facility to off, otherwise your viewers may get annoyed that they have not received a response to their feedback.
6. YouTube channel allows you to bring together all your videos. You can customise with your branding and complete the ‘About’ section with your business profile and even create your own URL for the video channel. See a couple of well branded channels below.
7. YouTube advertising gives you the opportunity to target and promote your videos to a specific profile audience with selected demographics. It is on a pay-per-view basis, so you pay a certain amount every time someone views your video. This must be planned and monitored well to be fully effective and test whether it’s worth the expenditure according to the results and quality of customers responding.
8. YouTube Analytics are useful in tracking views, uploads, referrals, comments and demographics of viewers. As with all marketing, where possible it’s advisable to measure, and so anything else you can do such as Call to actions will give you that insight into the success of your video marketing. Using promotional codes and giving links to go to your website or a purpose built landing page, gives you that added chance to monitor whether your video message has had impact.
9. Place YouTube buttons on all your social media and website in prominent positions to drive traffic to your YouTube channel. As long as you keep the channel up-to-date with quality content and monitor analytics to and from the channel, this could be an effective lead generation source.
10. Use YouTube to search already existing videos on topics related to your business especially from competitors. Depending on their content and quality, you can decide whether to produce something different, better or with a unique angle.


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Nicola Peaty

User Generated Content…who knows best..?

By Nicola Peaty

Trip Advisor - user generated content driving purchasing behaviourMother? Experts? Peers? Well probably all three. Given the chance I’m sure they would all want to voice their opinions and maybe advice. My recent media spot in BA’s inflight magazine, Business Life, certainly endorses the value of peer opinion. In an interview with Steve Kaufer, President and CEO at Trip Advisor, he explains how his business model relies on the content from users together with cost per click advertising.
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