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Technology for Marketing and Advertising 2011 – links and reviews

By Vaughan Gordon

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Earlier this month the Technology for Marketing and Advertising show took place in London at Earl’s Court 2 exhibition centre.

The event showcases the latest technology innovations in marketing and advertising and features a range of high quality conferece sessions. You can see what you missed at the TFMA 2011 event guide.

Here I have pulled together a range of links to posts and presentations about the event. The aim is to provide a useful round-up.

There was loads of great content generated by TFMA, so whether you are in advertising or marketing or are just keen to see how these channels are developing there should be something of interest here. One thing is for sure – the move is definitely towards integrating social media/network tools into your existing channels.

Mark Galvin’s presentation on the future of customer engagement – The Future of customer engagement

Presentation from Aaron Kahlow on Social Media – empowering people, empowering business

Arjen van den Akker’s slides on content management – Web Content Management at the hub of Web, email and social media insights and engagements

Data Services Inc presentation on International Direct Marketing – International Direct Marketing – find the profits, avoid the problems

Watch a panel discussion on the risks and rewards of Social CRM (needs sign-up and is 46m)

Andrew Davies posts on the Social CRM panel – Forget B2B and B2C. Let’s focus on people not prospects

An immense round-up of the sessions featuring loads of videos from event organisers Technology for Marketing and Advertising

Marketing assassin’s overview of TFMA 2011

Plus posts on:
Leading edge technology: viral video and games at TFMA
Conversion strategy and reputation management: learning at TFMA
Interactive video – trend or gimmick?

Blur Group blog’s review of Facebook’s keynote – Facebook’s keynote: the future of the social web

And their post on Cisco’s keynote – Cisco’s TFMA keynote: connecting people through social media

Kodime review of TFMA – Blog: TFMA recap

GyroHSR’s video of their own Rick Segal on stage at TFMA

Joanna Walters provides her thoughts on the conference – Thoughts from TFMA and – tying social and email together

Press release from organisers – Highlights from Day 1 at TFM&A and Preview of Day 2: Including Facebook, eBay and IDM Keynotes

The Incredibull review of day 2 at TFMA – TFMA Day 2: Social media and the over 30s

The joined-up-marketing blog provides its review of the event – Takeaways from TFMA 2011

Siftmedia on Why the web is getting people away from their desks

Ebay as an advertising platform for brands – video posted by marketing.co.uk

John Goode’s review of the show – TFMA – a black swan event?

Patrick Altoft’s presentation on Link Building Strategies

by Martin Couzins