Nicola Peaty

Using video for marketing.

By Nicola Peaty

All the stats support the fact that online video is rapidly on the increase. YouTube is now the second most popular search engine with over one billion visitors a month, and there are over 20 million Brits viewing video each week.

The phrase ‘A picture paints a thousand words’ has been superseded in a digital age by Forrester Research who claims that one minute of video is worth 1.8 million words!

Not only are we are able to consume more information quickly via video than through reading text, but the overall experience via sound and moving images ignites a more immediate emotional response. If done well, a positive experience will draw in the viewer allowing the chance to influence according to the needs of the message.

There is no surprise then that a survey of marketers taken earlier this year by Demand Metric, found that many were using video to meet a number of marketing objectives:








With so much content being pushed out online, video has the distinct advantage to engage in a way that other marketing means cannot; and engagement is one of the key goals in marketing. By capturing the attention and interest in a creative way, will make customers see and think about your brand and want to know more.

Plus there is the added advantage of how video can help with search results. Enhancing your results link with an image of your video will help you stand out. Click through and conversions tend to be higher as a result of videos driving traffic through to your website. Videos also help with inbound links to your website which conveys authority to the search engines.

Having stated all the reasons to use video, there must be a genuine need to convey content which is both worthy and appropriate for video and your market. Tutorials, demonstrations and clever viral videos justify their purpose. Useful, unique content which is valuable to your customers will again reap their reward. However, if you blatantly promote your business without any significant interest or takeaway for the viewer, then chances are you have just wasted some of your precious marketing budget.

Some great examples of well thought through videos which have had the biggest viral success can be seen here:

As with all tools in the marketing mix, video comes with its own marketing considerations, which are essential for overall successful outcomes. Here are our 10 questions you need to answer before commencing your online marketing video:
1. Do you know your marketing goals for the video?
2. Is the video part of your overall marketing strategy?
3. Is the video integrated with the rest of the marketing mix?
4. Have you got the required resources including adequate production budget?
5. Have you considered the relevance of video for your audience?
6. What is the exact content and message you want to deliver?
7. How can you be as creative as possible and still suitable for your audience?
8. Do you have in place the appropriate measures for success and ROI?
9. Have you made your video easy for consumers to share?
10. Is your video compatible for tablets and mobiles?

Below is a great link to a beginner’s guide on online marketing videos, with plenty of advice on how to go about creating your video from initial idea through to publishing.